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Seal Pots
It is a section of pipe which is installed either horizontal or vertical lines between the flow meter and the pressure transmitter. Seal pots provide external liquid seal between an instrument and flowing gases such as steam. It functions as barrier to the fluid line permitting direct sensation of the flow conditions.
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Asian Industrial Valves and Instruments(ASVIN)
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Product Description

A seal pot is a small pressure vessel mounted at the top of the wet leg line. It is located to allow condensate to drain to the source, prevents convective transfer of vapors from sewer line below drain thus keeping the liquid level constant in the impulse tubes.
The seal pot is in constant contact with steam. Hence, it is not vulnerable to freezing temperature during normal plant operation. If the plant is shut down during that temperature, it must be drained due to vulnerable conditions.  The instrument is used in boiler applications, as reservoirs for sealing liquids, for measurement of corrosive fluids. Refinery, steel, power plant industries use this instrument.

We supply the seal pots made of Zinc platted, electro-polished smooth surface finish with threaded or welded connections.


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